Advertising on coffee cups is a new powerful media channel
that brings traditional 
and digital marketing together.
With beautiful and smart designs you will reach your audience better than ever before.

Now in Estonia

Coffee cup advertising is a very popular media channel around the world (USA, Australia, UK, India).
It has been used by famous brands like Google, Sony, GAP, Vodafone, Microsoft, National Geographic etc.

Coffee cup advertising

How does it work?

We will build a campaign that introduces your brand, products or values.
Our partners (cafes, restaurants, events) will spread your message to the clients by offering coffee or tea from the cups. Brilliant, right?!

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If you wish to advertise through a totally new way, be different from others and reach the client when they are enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and feel comfortable then get in touch with us and we will make it happen!

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We will turn regular paper cups into moving billboards and spread them through our wide network of coffee places to reach your audience.