Advertising on coffee cups gives your company an excellent opportunity to be different from others. Drinking coffee connects people. It makes them feel cozy and open minded, which means it's a perfect moment to present your message to them.

According to a study at Washington University in USA, the average person holds their cup for 53 minutes. During that time they repeatedly look at your brand on the cup and read your message. The study also revealed that an average of 6 people will see each cup.

With putting your web address or QR code on the cup you can instantly direct people to your website because most of the people use smart phones nowadays. In addition you can add a promo code which makes it easy to measure the campaign results.

Holding a cup with your brand and looking at it several times makes them more familiar with your message and builds trust.

Ben Parr writes in his book Captivology: The Science of Capturing People's Attention that we associate the physical sensation of warmth with interpersonal feelings of warmth. In other words, if you deliver your message with a hot cup of coffee or tea, people are more likely to have positive feelings towards the message.

Take advantage of our wide network of coffee places (cafes, restaurants, catering services) to reach your audience. It is a powerful media channel that allows you to catch your clients' attention in a perfect moment  - when they are enjoying a hot cup of coffee and having fun with friends or taking time to relax.

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